Vacuum Pouches / Polyamide Vacuum Pouches

Vacuum Pouches also referred to as barrier vacuum pouches, gives a barrier against atmosphere and moisture. Types of vacuum pouches are developed especially for machines that perform an external vacuum. The micro layered vacuum bags are made from food grade plastic material. Vacuum bags are of primarily 3 types :3 Layers, 5 Layers & 7 Layers Vacuum Bags. These vacuum Pouches for different type of Chamber machines. And nozzle type vacuum sealer machines . These pouches comprise of 2 0r 3 smooth layers of polyamide (nylon)-polyethylene barrier material 0.45mm is the most common thickness for vacuum pouches that meets USDA standards for food packaging. Our pouches since its made out of polyamide ( nylon ) 7 layers its also 100% microwavable pouches. We also provide printed vacuum pouches. Along with different pouches structure as per requirement.

Material Polyamide (nylon)- Polyethylene barrier material
Size Customized as per requirement form 10 Grams to 1 Ton size vacuum pouches.
Used for Grains, Meat Products, Medical formulations, Rust / Moisture proof packaging.
Printing Customized printing is possible as per artwork / design.
Microns 65 microns - 250 micron