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About Us

NEWGEN PACKAGING SYSTEM is committed to providing cost effective ,quality packaging machine and packaging material solutions For Primary, Secondary And End Off line Packaging that more then meet our customers needs and expectations .We are dedicated to continuously improve in every aspects of our business to achieve complete customer satisfaction. By developing profitable partnership with our customers by offering them innovative ,competitive and quality products we plan to remain our customers most preferred choice partner in there all packaging needs.

Our Objectives

We offer the most comprehensive range of Packaging Machines and Packaging Materials, combined with unsurpassable technical and customer service. Our complete range of Packaging Machines & Packaging Materials ensures that our customers have every available Packaging option to meet all their production requirements on any manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic machinery and packaging materials. We expect to compete on the quality of our Packaging products and our service, coupled with exceptional pricing as a result of the volume of our overall sales combined with our fundamental goal which is to be the lowest cost operator in the packaging sector.

Our Resources

We have the inventory of Packaging Machines and Packaging Materials in the country, appropriately located, to ensure the fastest possible delivery to any customer. Full Technical Service to assist customers to chose the most appropriate Packaging Machines and Materials for their own applications. We are dedicated to our customer service to ensure that customers receive the best possible response to any requirement in packaging.